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Woodland Plants FSC Guide


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The FSC Woodland plants guide features 41 flowering plants of woods and forests.

Beautiful colour illustrations show the key identification features of each plant, including flowers, leaves and stems. The authors have grouped the paintings by flower colour: yellow, red, white and blue. Use this concise fold-out guide to quickly put a name to the flowers that you see.

A springtime visit to a woodland is a fantastic botanical experience. From bluebell to wood sage, and dog’s mercury to yellow archangel, many plants flower before the leaf canopy closes. But there are plenty of woodland plants to see in the summer as well, particularly in rides and clearings.

But what if you find a plant that is not in flower? Based on the authors’ many years of teaching botanical students, traditional wild flower guides are not much help here. Therefore there is also a vegetative key to plants of woodland. This is a full identification key based on leaf characteristics.

Key Features:


  • Materials: Laminated paper
  • Dimensions: 21 x 30cm