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Snow Leopards Gift



This is a virtual gift, perfect for friends and family who love big cats like snow leopards.

100% of proceeds from this snow leopard gift card go towards conserving snow leopards and in return for your generous donation, we’ll send you an exclusive PTES gift card, which you can personalise and send to your loved one on their special occasion. If you would like us to send it directly please personalise your message in the box above and we will hand write your message for you.

Leaping into action for snow leopards

Sadly, snow leopards and their prey species are competing for roaming space with illegal and legal mining across huge tracts of the Mongolian mountains. Snow leopards are forced into closer proximity with local community livestock and the result is dangerous conflict between people and these big cats. We’re preventing mining in special snow leopard zones, owned and patrolled by local communities, so that snow leopards and humans can share the land harmoniously.

This gift will create new patrol zones so more snow leopards can roam free.

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