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House a Mother Dormouse Gift


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House a mother dormouse

Your gift will provide a dormouse house for a dormouse mum so she has a safe place to live and rear her young in the big wide woodland.

Special dormouse houses are installed in trees to provide a place for them to nest and help us check they’re doing well. This is especially important for dormice mums as it gives them a safe place to look after their babies. Surrounding hedgerows are surveyed and restored to make lasting, natural corridors to other dormouse woods.

At People’s Trust for Endangered Species, we’re doing all we can to help hazel dormice by returning them to the wild, restoring their landscapes, checking their well-being and advising woodland and hedgerow management. And we can only do this because of support like yours. So please display your card with pride, in the happy knowledge that you’re helping dormice.

100% of proceeds from this gift will go towards conserving endangered hazel dormice.

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