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Wild Dogs Gift


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Support your favourite endangered species with a Gift for Nature. We design each informational card in-house to keep costs down, and 100% of the proceeds from each gift goes directly to the animal and the projects that help them survive.


It’s a wild dogs life

In 2017 in Ewaso, Kenya, canine distemper virus destroyed all but two of a large African wild dog population. The survivors eventually joined incomer dogs but their small pack remains terribly vulnerable. Local herders and their domestic dogs encroach on wild dog territory, searching for livestock pasture as changes in climate render their traditional places hot, dry and inhospitable. But the domestic dogs bring risk of disease transmission and the herders retaliate when wild dogs take their cattle.

Your gift will help us protect the wild dogs by vaccinating the domestic ones. And GPS-track both dogs and the cows to understand the interplay better and reduce livestock attacks and retaliatory killings.

At People’s Trust for Endangered Species, we’re doing all we can to help this desperately vulnerable population in Kenya through keeping both wild dogs and their domestic cousins healthy and as separate as possible. We can only do this because of support like yours. So please display your card with pride, happy in the knowledge that your gift is helping African wild dogs.

100% of proceeds from this gift will go towards protecting African wild dogs in Kenya.

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