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Hedgehog Mother Love Gift


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Support your favourite endangered species with a Gift for Nature. We design each informational card in-house to keep costs down, and 100% of the proceeds from each gift goes directly to the animal and the projects that help them survive.

Hedgehog mother love

Hedgehogs are natural mothers, guarding their babies from danger and teaching basic survival skills. Mums carry their hoglets to safety if their nest is disturbed. And show them where to find food. Full life skills to fend for themselves. Fenced off gardens prevent natural roaming and limit food supply. We’re transforming Britain’s gardens with the nooks, crannies and holes in fences that hedgehogs need. In huge decline, hedgehogs need room in our gardens as well as our hearts.

This gift will help us to encourage even more people to make space for hedgehogs and think hedgehog.

100% of proceeds from this gift will go towards conserving hedgehogs in the UK. 

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