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Reptiles and Amphibians of Britain FSC Guide


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Toads, frogs, newts, lizards and snakes… the FSC Reptiles and amphibians guide features 13 species of reptile and amphibian which breed in Great Britain. Five of these species also breed in Ireland.

Beautiful colour illustrations highlight the key characters for each species. Also included are pictures of the spawn, tadpoles, froglets and newtlets. There are separate images of males, females and juveniles for the lizards, slow worm and snakes.

Text on the reverse side explores the key identification characters and distribution in Britain and Ireland for each species.

Amphibians are best seen at night with the aid of a hand torch. Frogs and toads are most active at the pond edge between February and March, while newts are most active from February to May. Newts can clearly be seen underwater by torchlight. They may also be seen moving about and feeding on warm evenings after rain on open ground such as roadways and paths or along the bases of walls. Reptiles are most easily seen on sunny days following rain. They will bask in sheltered but sunny spots like forest rides, glades and embankments. It is best to look for reptiles before or after it becomes hot in the middle of a sunny day.

The Reptiles and amphibians guide was produced in partnership with Froglife.

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  • Materials: Laminated paper
  • Dimensions: 21 x 30cm