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Floodplain Meadows FSC Guide


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The FSC Floodplain Meadow guide features 48 indicator species of flowering plants found at this internationally rare habitat.

Beautiful colour illustrations show the key identification features of each plant, including flowers, leaves and stems. Use this concise fold-out guide to quickly put a name to the flora that you see.

On the reverse side is information about how these species and communities give clues to a site’s history, management, soil fertility and water regime. If a particular area if inhabited by plants such as Devil’s-bit Scabious, Field Wood-rush and Crested Dog’s tail, then this indicts that flooding is rare. Conversely, area that may experience longer duration flooding may have species present such as Common Spike-rush, Reed Canary-grass and Floating Sweet-grass.

Key Features:


  • Materials: Laminated paper
  • Dimensions: 21 x 30cm