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Haikya The Hyaena Friend


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Haikya is a Maasai girl who lives with her mother and younger sisters.  She spends her days looking after the family’s cattle but dreams of going to school and making her family more secure.  Haikya loves vultures and hyaenas although people tell her they are big and ugly.  Can she find a way to help wildlife and her own family?

Dedicated to African women and girls, this enchanting tale is written by Professor Amy Dickman and Dr Alayne Cotterill, joint CEOs of Lion Landscapes and Conservation Partners to PTES.  Beautifully illustrated by Kayla Harren, it will give children across the world an insight into the challenges and benefits that living alongside wildlife brings.

Lion Landscapes puts local people at the heart of their own conservation stories and Haikya the Hyaena Friend is distributed freely to children across Africa.  Through their ‘On The Same Page’ pledge, every purchase of Haikya the Hyaena Friend’ will fund a book for an African child like Haikya.

Key features:

  • Suitable for ages 8-12
  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • Vulture and hyaena facts
  • Swahili and English ‘on the same page’
  • Each purchase will fund a book for a child in Africa
  • Supporting the vital work of Lion Landscapes, a PTES Conservation Partner
  • Lion Landscapes offsets double its carbon emissions using Lion Carbon
  • A beautifully illustrated gift book, perfect for parents, libraries and schools


  • Dimensions 210mm x 297mm
  • Printed on FSC certified paper from sustainable sources