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Wildcats Gift


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Support your favourite endangered species with a Gift for Nature. We design each informational card in-house to keep costs down, and 100% of the proceeds from each gift goes directly to the animal and the projects that help them survive.


A perrfect solution for wildcats

We can’t ignore the real and imminent likelihood of wildcats dying out in Britain. But they’re so rare that hydrid kittens bred from domestic cats are now dangerously diluting the wildcat gene pool. Your gift will equip the reintroduction centre, help welcome and settle the cats and train them for release.

Reintroduction is the only option to save the species. At a breeding-for-release centre in the Cairngorms National Park, we’re nurturing wildcat kittens for release over several years. Each kitten must be vaccinated and trained with the life skills they need for the wild, including hunting, foraging and avoiding humans. Local feral cats are neutered and landowners encouraged to protect their new inhabitants.

At People’s Trust for Endangered Species, we’re doing all we can to protect wildcats by breeding from the purest stock of wildcats, returning them to the wild, checking their well-being and keeping them safe. And we can only do this because of support like yours. So please display your card with pride, in the happy knowledge that you’re helping wildcats and kittens.

100% of proceeds from this gift will go towards conserving endangered wildcats. 

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