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The National Dormouse Conference – Dormice in a Changing World- 11th November 2023


To be held at the University of Reading on the 11th November 2023 between 10am and 4.30pm (doors open at 9am).

Hazel dormice have been in decline in Britain for over 100 years. The population has declined, and their range has shrunk over that time. What does the future hold for the species? The National Dormouse Conference will seek to address this question. Confirmed speaker are:

Chair – TBC

Ian White (PTES) – The State of Britain’s Dormice 2023

Ellie Scopes – Should dormice be considered an endangered species in Britain? (current PhD research)

Rachel Findley Robinson – dormice in hibernation (results from completed PhD)

Leo Gubert – where do dormice hibernate (results from completed PhD)

Charlotte Armitage – how does climate affect torpor in dormice (current PhD research)

Hannah Broughton – Why hazel dormouse conservation can unlock environmental net gain

Matt Parkins – monitoring dormice in Devon

Megan Gimber (PTES) – A future for hedgerows and dormice

Other speakers to be confirmed.


The conference is aimed at all the volunteers who monitor National Dormouse Monitoring sites and have provided such an important and valuable resource for research. It will also be of interest to ecological consultants who regularly or occasionally come across dormice in the course of their work and also to government organisations and NGO’s who are involved in all aspects of dormouse conservation.



Conference to be fully catered. Vegetarian and vegan options only


Ticket prices are as follows:

Ecological Consultants £110
NGO £75
Other £75
NDMP volunteers £40
Students £40

(speakers and topics are subject to change)