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Event: Hazel dormouse woodland and hedgerow management – Autumn 2024



Hazel dormice are one of Britain’s most enigmatic species, but they are hard both to find and study. This is because they are small, they live in the tree and shrub canopy when active and they come out at night. They are also closely associated with old, managed woodlands, where they live, and with hedgerows, that they use as dispersal corridors.

Briddlesford woods on the IoW is a private reserve owned by the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) and managed for its mammal assemblage that includes hazel dormice, red squirrels and woodland bats.

PTES has been the lead conservation charity helping hazel dormice and we manage the national monitoring programme, the dormouse reintroduction programme, and advise both conservation groups and ecological consultants on habitat management.

PTES also manage the Great British Hedgerow Survey which is the standard method of surveying hedgerows in Britain. On completion of the short survey which assesses the current condition of the hedge, advice is provided for future management.

Briddlesford estate is the obvious place to run a one-day courses on the Isle of Wight on habitat management for dormice and hedgerow management.


Dates: 22nd, 3rd, 4th September and 8th,9th,10th October 2024