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Event: Conservation Evidence Workshop – Thursday 11th July 2024


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Are you seeking funding for a conservation project? Are you hoping to reduce threats facing endangered species?

If so, you will either use a conservation action that has been proven to work or you’re planning to trial something new. These interventions may include putting up a wildlife bridge, translocating species or using bomas/corrals to reduce predation on livestock. Providing evidence for the effectiveness of the intervention you plan to carry out will significantly improve your chances of receiving funding for your project. Or, if you are planning on trying something new (a new action/implementation method or one that hasn’t been tested for your species), detailing how you plan to collect evidence for the effectiveness of the action, is critical. If you would like help finding evidence for the effectiveness of actions or designing a project testing actions effectively, please register below for our free online workshop.

People’s Trust for Endangered Species receives a high number of applications for conservation grants each year. Priority is given to applications that either: i) clearly provide evidence that their methods have been tested and shown to work, or ii) clearly describe how the intervention will be tested to see whether it works and how their findings will be shared widely with others in the conservation community, if possible, through publishing somewhere such as in the Conservation Evidence Journal.

The workshop will cover:

  1. Importance of using evidence in applications/project planning [5 minutes]
  2. How to use the Conservation Evidence database to find evidence [5 minutes with a short demonstration]
  3. How to test actions as part of the project [20 minutes with examples]
  4. The last half of the workshop will be an interactive session for attendees to ask questions and to go through specific applications with the trainers


Date: Thursday 11th July 2024

Time: 10-11am (UK British Summer Time) – One hour

Venue: Online