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Dormouse Notebook A5



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This contemporary A5 notebook by Creature Candy is ideal for storing in your bag or on your desk. It features a beautiful hand-drawn image of a hazel dormouse, Muscardinus avellanarius, and is perfect for sketches, ideas, to-do lists and journal notes. It contains 70 plain pages and has been printed on sustainably sourced paper.

The quote printed on the back of the notebook reads: “The timid hazel dormouse Muscardinus avellanarius scurries amongst treetops under the cover of the night sky. With shiny black eyes & long furry tail, he feeds on hazelnuts & blackberries ready for his long winter hibernation.” This collection also includes Creature Candy Hedgehog notebook. 

Key Features:

  • A5 size
  • 70 plain pages
  • Designed and made in England by Creature Candy
  • Contemporary, clean design
  • Compact size and perfect for on the go, as well as in the home
  • Collection also includes Creature Candy Hedgehog notebook (sold separately)


  • Materials: Sustainably sourced paper
  • Dimensions:  Length: 21 cm (L) x 0.5 cm (H) x 14.5 cm (W)